What is the perfect orientation your glass verandas should have?

Obviously, it is easier to decide on the location of the veranda when you are considering its construction at the same time as the house. But the decision comes later, in the majority of cases. It is then necessary to consider the orientation of the house and its architecture before installing the glass extension.



There is not a right answer to this question but multiple ones. Indeed, it depends on several factors. While the south orientation is advantageous when someone is seeking for the maximum amount of sunshine, it is also important to consider the particularities of the house and the most appropriate location for the veranda, as well as the importance of the adaptation work to be carried out to facilitate communication between the building and its extension. Finally, it is necessary to try to shelter the veranda as well as possible from the rains and prevailing winds.


This is the best orientation, at least for the less sunny regions. The veranda allows you to draw from this free natural resource that is sunlight. This orientation means that the glass room is facing the sun every time. Glasses then provides light and heat, even in winter, because the sun is lower on the horizon and the sun’s rays penetrate more into the house. Hence a gain in heating. On the other hand, you may need to install effective solar protection and a ventilation or even air conditioning system to keep the room from overheating. From a veranda facing south, you can make a kitchen, a living room, a conservatory, a living room… If the sunshine is too strong, evergreen shrubs planted in the axis of the sun’s rays will temper the heat coming from them.


Pointed towards the rising sun, the veranda receives the sun only in the morning. This is a solution that can be used, for example, if the veranda is located in the extension of a bedroom or bathroom.


This orientation is to be retained by default. In this case, it is more important to take care of the veranda’s thermal insulation. You will pay particular attention to the performance of the joinery to lose the less warmth possible.


To enjoy the sun in the afternoon and at the end of the day: in this case, the veranda can be used as a dining room or kitchen. But plan suitable equipment (sun shades, roller shutters…) to avoid overheating resulting from the sunshine during the whole half-day.

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