Glass verandas are the easiest way to transform a patio or a terrace into a new covered living space, providing comfort in every weather condition. We propose the best solution to your needs and your preferences, always giving a look to the perfect integration of our verandas with your home and the nature around you. Thanks to our visualisation software, we allow you to preview the results of our work, in order to be sure that it exactly satisfy your requirement. If you are searching for a customised solution to your outdoor problem, Glass Veranda is the one for you.

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A huge trend that has been sweeping the UK, is the addition of a veranda to your home. When transforming your outdoor space, one tends to want to stand out a little. One of the best ways to do this is with a glass veranda. 

They create a whimsical haven for your friends and family, especially when entertaining guests. One of the benefits is that they are made to last through almost all weather. You can truly enjoy the outside no matter if the sun is shining or the rain is pouring. 

You may be apprehensive, thinking, ‘Do I need planning permission?’It is highly unlikely that you will, unless the veranda you install is greater than 50% of your home’s ground floor space. Some other rules: 

  • The depth of a single storey rear extension is 3 metres for an attached house or 4 metres for a detached house
  • The maximum height is at least 4 metres
  • The maximum height of the eaves within 2 metres from the boundary is not greater than 3 metres
  • There are no built platforms
  • The extension is not built in front of the main elevation or side elevation of a public highway
  • The area covered by the veranda doesn’t exceed 50% of the land surrounding the original house.

It also has the potential to increase your home’s current value by making it more attractive to potential buyers.

At Glass Verandas UK, we will propose the best solution to your specific needs and requirements, making sure that we perfectly integrate your current living space with the nature outside. We have amazing software that allows a visual preview of the work we intend to do, thus allowing you to get a look and feel for what your glass veranda may look like. 

With some pizzazz, you could create a completely new space in your home. Perfect for nestling up with your loved ones, reading a good book, or simply enjoying that late night cup of cocoa. 

Why Choose A Glass Veranda?

For stand out quality, glass verandas are a unique and interesting way to improve your current space. Glass verandas are the perfect addition to a plethora of different home styles, such as country homes, detached or semi detached houses, even the more modern house placed in the city. No matter the current home style, we will make sure that there is always a synergy between the current, and the new. 

Our world class and innovative glass strip technology makes sure that all unsightly screws are hidden for a seamless connection between house and glass veranda. 

Each veranda is also equipped with thermally insulated aluminium roofing, allowing for durability. 

Types of Glass Verandas: 

We have two main types of glass verandas. Depending on what you are looking for, we can offer you one of these options: 

  • Open glass veranda: This consists of a glass roofing system that is attached to the building, supported by aluminium pillars. 
  • Closed glass veranda: This is an open verada, that is supplemented with glass façades or doors. This option allows you to enjoy this space all year round. Come rain or shine. 

Eco-Friendly Glass Veranda Material: 

We know that using materials that are better for the environment, and as a result, we offer an eco-friendly wood option instead of aluminum to overlay the interior verandas structure. Only FSC and PEFC certified wood such as pine, spruce and larch are used. 

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