Glass verandas are the easiest way to transform a patio or a terrace into a new covered living space, providing comfort in every weather condition. We propose the best solution to your needs and your preferences, always giving a look to the perfect integration of our verandas with your home and the nature around you. Thanks to our visualisation software, we allow you to preview the results of our work, in order to be sure that it exactly satisfy your requirement. If you are searching for a customised solution to your outdoor problem, Glass Veranda is the one for you.

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Why to choose Glass Verandas?

Glass Verandas are a unique way to improve your space, whether it complements a country home, a detached and semidetached house, or a modern house in the city. Our experts are keen on maintaining a synergy between the pre-existing building and the new added veranda, in terms of materials, style and colour, and they always make sure that the roof is well-integrated with your house. All our verandas are designed by our experts and by our skilled manufactures, who work together on their design, technology and versatility. For instance, the innovative glass strip technology hides all screws used to connect elements, while the devised gutters help to soften the sharpest corners. Moreover, each veranda is equipped with a thermally-insulated aluminium roofing system, proving a superior quality and long-lasting durability.

Glass Verandas variety

Our verandas systems are designed to achieve the perfect functionality and comfort. We provide:

  • Open verandas: consisting of a glass roofing system attached to the building, sustained by aluminium pillars.
  • Closed verandas: equipped with supplementary glass façades or doors, to allow you to enjoy the outdoor space all year round, whatever the weather.

Equipment options

Materials, together with design, represent one of the keys for the endurance of our products. For this reason, all our verandas are made with high-quality glass and thermally-insulated aluminium. Because of our environmental commitment, we answer also to the eco-friendly demand for wood, used instead of aluminium to overlay the interior veranda’s structure, whenever it is demanded by our clients. We are focused on quality, and for this reason our offer consists of FSC and PEFC certified fine woods, such as pine, spruce and larch, which can be used in combination to create a customised look.

The choice of the roofing system is then complemented by those of roof forms, colours, glazing and shades, enhancing a wide range of verandas customisation. Our selection includes:

  • Roof construction materials: aluminium or wood/alumium
  • Materials for the folding glass doors, windows and doors: aluminium, wood, wood/aluminium
  • Roof forms: Monopitch and pitched roof, slanted monopitch and pitched roof, special designs, roof pitch, dimensions
  • Colours: aluminium coated in RAL, DB, NCS, Duraxal, Solarlux wood colours
  • Guttering design
  • Downpipe/downpipe cover
  • Glazing: Thermal insulation glazing, Sun-protection glazing, Self-cleaning glazing, Sound insulation glazing, Glass thicknesses
  • Shade: Exterior and Interior awning / vertical, Wintergarden blinds
  • Ventilation: Motorised sliding skylights, Motorised or manually operated roof hatches, Motorised axial / radial fans, Motorised or manually operated tilt windows
  • Insect protection
  • Lighting: Lightstrip with recessed lights, Individual lighting systems
  • Automation for shade, skylight, fans, heating

Permission for glass verandas

 As in the case of other house extensions, also glass verandas require permission to be built. A general guideline is provided below, although we suggest to contact a local planning department for checking compliance to the rules. Glass Verandas don’t require any permission if:

  • It is not wider than the existing building
  • The depth of a single storey rear extension is 3 metres for an attached house or 4 metres for a detached house
  • The maximum height is at least 4 metres
  • The maximum height of the eaves within 2 metres from the boundary is not greater than 3 metres
  • There are no built platforms
  • The extension is not built in front of the main elevation or side elevation of a public highway
  • The area covered by the veranda doesn’t exceed 50% of the land surrounding the original house.
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