Installing glass verandas, helps improve your home and the environment

Traditional doors and windows are not the best choice for thermal insulation, as they allow heat to escape in winter and coolness in summer.

For better thermal insulation and more energy savings, glass verandas are a much more efficient system.


Here is how they help you get it:


Greater energy efficiency: it reduces the amount of energy needed to cool or heat the rooms and maintains a much more constant interior temperature, thanks to the insulating profiles. In addition, being crystal, therefore colorless, will let pass as much light as possible, taking advantage of all the hours of light. With all this, you can reduce heat or cold losses by up to 25%.


Greater economic efficiency: by reducing the amount of energy needed, you will see your bills reduced by up to 50%.


Greater environmental efficiency: by reducing the energy you use, you are also helping to reduce the CO2 emissions that are sent into the atmosphere.


Protection against wind and noise due to the tightness of the profiles.


In short, glass verandas allow you to enjoy the nature around you whenever you want without having to worry about the weather. You can read calmly in your armchair while you enjoy your garden on a cool day, since, inside the veranda, you will not notice the wind, but will reign a temperature in tune with that of the rest of the home. This also allows you to generate different atmospheres in your home according to the time of year, which will allow you to connect even more with the environment you are helping to care for.

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