Here you find the answer to basic questions regarding glass verandas. They include topics such as specific permissions, installation, weather and seasons adaptation and maintenance issue.

Verandas are one of the added values of properties. A glass veranda is composed of glass panels, with an aesthetic and functional value, supported by aluminium pillars: it can represent a new strong point of a house, creating the possibility of enjoying one more space.

It can be used in several ways: for instance, as a broom closet or laundry room creating a small area where to hang the laundry or to iron. In the case of larger space, it can be transformed in a relax area with sofas where to read a book or in a greenhouse where to grow plants and flowers. Therefore, veranda can be intended as a resource, a new room to adhibit to several purposes and to live all year round.

Veranda is a perfect solution because it is enjoyable no matter the weather or the season. During the first cold days in winter, when the sun has still the strength to warm, you can benefit from the warmth of sunrays, while in colder days, it can be heated keeping open the connecting door between it and your house, or using an ad hoc internal warming system. In the end, during the summer it can be left open to allow the flow of air.

Veranda, thanks to its modular construction, can be adapted to whatever side of your house. It can be attached to the wall, creating a unicuum with the other spaces, can be self-standing or installed on a balcony functioning as an awning.

The glass, especially if armoured, thermo-reflecting and isolating, doesn’t require frequent maintenance, while on the opposite wood needs to be treated one time a year to make it resistant to jump in temperature and bad weather.

Glass Verandas don’t require any permission if:

  • It is not wider than the existing building
  • The depth of a single storey rear extension is 3 metres for an attached house or 4 metres for a detached house
  • The maximum height is at least 4 metres
  • The maximum height of the eaves within 2 metres from the boundary is not greater than 3 metres
  • There are no built platforms
  • The extension is not built in front of the main elevation or side elevation of a public highway
  • The area covered by the veranda doesn’t exceed 50% of the land surrounding the original house

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