The place where the border between house and garden melts away

What about installing a glass room?

Your family is becoming bigger and you are feeling tight at home? You need another bathroom, need a proper office, a bigger kitchen or a living room separated from the dining room? Then you should consider having a glass room for your house.

It allows you to have an additional living area and let you avoid to relocate into a bigger house and spend a lot of money. It also gives you the feeling to be closer to nature, as the border between the house and the outside seems to melt away.

First of all, you need to decide either you want a closed room, like a free-standing glass room, or an open one linked to another room in your house. Then you should decide about the size of it.

Indeed, it is even possible to create a little room for those who don’t have enough space on their house-ground. The size of the room is completely up to you to decide because it can be tailor-made to meet all your needs. Plus, it is simpler than creating a traditional room which takes longer and usually costs more.

You can choose the perfect type of glass to be translucid, to resist the outside’s conditions and to prevent from breaking in case an intruder wants to come in. You can even install double glazing which will guarantee you to be isolated from exterior noises.  Furthermore, you can choose between wooden, metal or aluminium frame and the width of it too.

Finally, having a glass room enhances your house’s value on the market and can give either a more modern look or a traditional one, according to the materials you choose.

Having a glass extension is enjoyable for both summer and winter as it creates a different atmosphere in the room according to the weather outside. For example, you can spend a Christmas moment next to the fireplace while being surrounded by snow.

Moreover, you can even add to your glazed roof a canvas that can be adjustable which can protect you from the sun during summer.

A glass room also benefits from a great natural light exposure to brighten your mood whenever you pass through it. It is also an easy way to limit the use of light bubbles and make your plants grow up faster by having proper sunbathing while protected from the outside.

Nowadays, the materials used are efficient enough to be able to isolate the room from losing its warmth and getting cold, thus, reducing energy consumption.