Light, transparency, emotions: the charm of glass doors

By selecting a glass door, we are able to give space to the light but also to choose the right level of privacy for you. For this reason, we provide countless tailored solutions, among which there are regular, sliding and bi-folding glass doors. Here there are some examples:

Glass Door typologies:

  • Bi-folding Glass Doors allow you to fully open your doors, stacked neatly to the side. The clean lines, as well as the world’s slimmest frame of only 49mm, enhance you to enjoy whatever view. We provide bi-folding doors for a maximum of 3.5m high, allowing to open rooms to full height. In order to provide you the maximum comfort, all doors are provided with high thermal insulation and are tried and tested to stand the test of time. Our frames, prevalently made in aluminium, can be combined with timber inserts for a warmer interior, a perfect and practical solution for any environment. 
  • Sliding Glass Doors From sliding to wall doors the step is often short. The use of the sliding system allows to break down the typical borders between rooms, opening the house to a multiplicity of solutions and uses. The glass, glazed, double-glazed, transparent or silk-screened, perhaps associated to wood and aluminium, is one of the most recurring material for sliding doors. The result of employing such models are internal spaces allowing the flow of air and light, capable of accommodating the contamination between functional areas.


Six motivations for choosing a glass door:

The first virtue of a glass door is that it allows the light to pass through the rooms, lighting up the darkest corners of your house and creating more vital and welcoming spaces.

A glass door, especially a sliding one, is a perfect idea for small houses where a regular door could obstruct the few walkable spaces; for this reason, if you have a small footage area, it could be better to not renounce to the possibility of a transparent sliding dividing element. This allow you to perceive more depth into close and narrow spaces.

During the last years, doors have attracted an increasing attention of architects and engineers, more and more frequently perceived as elements to decorate spaces. So, if a simple internal door is not enough for you, a modern glass door with a refined style will be the ideal point of departure for a sophisticate and distinctive house.

Not only simple doors, but real glass walls, fixed or mobile: and there with some courage your house could become unique. Do you know the glass structures with metallic profiles that frequently appear on magazines? The loft style can be easily adapted to every house, giving it a so cool industrial style that all your guest could remain speechless!

At this point, the open space concept is rooted into the modern interior architecture. Today the house is lived as an only big space where the rooms follow one another with no solution of continuity and where the functional division between an area and another one tends to be more conceptual than effective. However, this new space concept is not free from defects, as in the case of the impossibility of limiting the circulation of smoke and cooking odours. Moreover, with reference to the acoustic, often people complain for the necessity of isolating themselves without changing room, even only to read a book far from the children playing in the living room. In this sense, glass doors, especially the sliding ones, are the perfect answer to these dilemmas, separating but never dividing.

Whatever the style chosen for your home, glass doors and glass facades allow to play with creativity, searching for a touch that talks about us and only us. The secret is to free imagination… what do you think about a glass wall from which to admire the sea or mountain landscape?