FREE 3D Design Lab

Before the installation of verandas, a good project is essential to be sure that the outcome will completely satisfy clients. For this reason, Glass Verandas experts, thanks to a 3D Design Service are able to show to clients the result in advance, avoiding wasting of time and money. Thanks to this innovative service, it is possible to review and adjust the project whenever it is required, before proceeding with the installation of the veranda.

To have an idea of the 3D Design Lab, watch this short preview created for one of our clients.

Enjoy the outside under a comfortable modern glass veranda

Being at the borders between the inside and the outside, verandas are often very crowded and appreciated house areas…especially if they are glass made! Glass verandas are a useful and ingenious idea, guaranteeing protection and coverage without denying the pleasant sight of the garden and the sky. Thanks to the transparency of glass panels, sunlight can filter undisturbed, allowing to enjoy the natural light and limiting consumption of electric energy to the minimum.

Glass verandas are a perfect solution for both gardens and balconies. Those installed in the garden help to keep out insects, mosquitoes and flying leaves, while those installed on the balconies are perfect to enjoy the landscape offered, avoiding the wind and the cold air of the night. 

More in general, they can be used as relax areas where to read a book and to organize dinner and parties with friends. Depending on the architecture of the house, veranda can be also transformed into a greenhouse to be used by fond of gardening people, where they can take care of plants and flowers. The veranda realization is indeed conceived as adding a new room to a property, and it is possible to adapt it to whatever house typology, for instance attached on the wall, self-standing or used as an awning on a balcony. Moreover, glass verandas are modular which means that it is possible to choose the opening typology (shuttered, sliding), windows, French windows, doors, transforming the veranda in an open or close space or simply looked out the window on the outside space.

Motivations for choosing glass verandas are also economic: it can increase the commercial value of whatever house: by incrementing the surface area, it indeed provides a new room, that can be opened to the outside as a pergola or used as an added living room no matter the season.

The choice of glass veranda is the best solution to create a new sophisticated space. Aluminium, used to sustain the structure, provides a long-lasting durability, guaranteeing an optimal stability to the veranda structure and offering a remarkable perdurance against bad weather. Thermal isolation becomes in this way one of the essential aspects to adapt the space to whatever season. Security of the structure is another one, whereas the choice of glass resistant to impacts and eventual damages ensures the security for yourself and your family.