The Benefits Of Glass Stairs In Your Home

When you’re considering what type of material to use for the staircases in your home, you might think of natural wood, painted balustrades, or even stainless steel. Here’s why you should consider another option: glass stairs.

When we talk about glass stairs, we’re referring specifically to glass balustrades. Made from sturdy architectural glass, these balustrades will add a light and airy quality to any home. A glass staircase can be teamed with other materials or allowed to stand on its own. Glass staircases are modern, stylish and keep their good looks for years to come.

Light and airy

Conventional balustrades can look heavy and intrusive, blocking the flow of light through a space and creating a visual barrier that makes rooms and hallways seem small and cramped. By contrast, a glass staircase creates a fresh and airy effect by allowing light to pass through unobstructed. The lack of a visual obstruction opens up your space and makes it more inviting. This is particularly valuable in smaller dwellings, where space is at a premium.


People are sometimes concerned that glass might not be as safe for their stairs as other materials. In fact, safety is one of the advantages of a glass staircase. The glass used to make the stair panels is thick and shatter-resistant. Despite its less obtrusive appearance, glass stair panels and balustrades are remarkably strong. They can withstand all kinds of daily wear-and-tear, as well as enduring shocks and impacts.

If you have small children at home, glass staircases may actually be the safer choice. An adventurous youngster can sometimes climb through the gaps between typical stair railings, potentially leading to falls or other accidents. With a glass staircase, there are no gaps to wriggle through, no way to fall from the stairs, and no intriguing gaps to get stuck in.

For additional durability, you can choose a staircase design that uses glass brackets. These are solid metal fittings that hold the glass firmly in place. This creates a strong and long-lasting structure that’s secure and looks great.


When you’re installing a new staircase, you want it to last a long time and to retain its good looks. Unlike conventional wooden balustrades, the sturdy toughened glass used to create a glass staircase can never rot or attract insects such as termites or woodworm.

Glass staircases are also incredibly easy to clean and care for. Paint and varnish can chip and flake over time. They can also become discoloured, either by fading and yellowing or by staining. Finished wood needs to be regularly polished or repainted to keep it looking presentable. Glass, on the other hand, requires only a gentle wipe now and then to stay as beautiful as when it was installed. You never have to worry about chips or scratches — the strong, resilient surface shrugs off knocks that would leave a permanent mark on wood.

Cost effectiveness

Over time, a quality glass staircase can save you money when compared with other materials. As we’ve already seen, glass doesn’t corrode or decay like other materials. It’s also hard-wearing and shouldn’t need to be replaced for many years to come. The ease of cleaning will save time and money, as you will no longer have to devote hours to scrubbing and polishing your balustrades. A stunning glass staircase represents a real investment in your home or office.

Design and style

There’s nothing like a glass staircase to create a truly contemporary feel. A glass staircase has sleek and minimal lines, harmonising with all kinds of materials and styles of decor. You can use glass alone or combine it with wood or metal. The crisp, minimalist lines look just as good with traditional decor as they do with today’s clean and streamlined design trends. You can team clear toughened glass with your favourite wood for the hand-rails and other fittings, or choose stand-alone glass panels for an adventurous barely there effect.


Glass staircases are perfect for every interior, whether it’s a family home or an office building. Glass stair panels look slick and professional in an office setting, while in a home they bring in a sense of light and freedom. A glass staircase is ideal whether it’s a few steps in a split-level dwelling, or several flights in a large commercial building.

Whatever your interior design needs, a glass staircase is the perfect solution. Contact us to find out more about glass staircases and whether they’re the right choice for you.

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