Is Planning Permission Required For a Veranda?

Verandas are a beautiful addition to your home. They make your home look and feel sophisticated. The outdoor space can be useful for a number of reasons including entertaining guests and relaxing. If you are a homeowner looking for some extra space, you do not have to move. Adding a veranda may help you get the extra space you need. With Permitted Development Rights, you can make changes to your home without planning permission. It is, however, important to understand that the rules are different for commercial and domestic properties. If your veranda is not permitted development, you need planning permission.

You do not need planning permission if your veranda is;

  • 300 mm or less in height
  • Not located on the roof of your home
  • To be located between the principal elevation of a road or your house
  • Smaller than 50% of the land that the original house covers.

We suggest the following checklist is reviewed for standard dwelling properties and if compliant planning will not be required.

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Veranda?

There is no simple answer to the question because some verandas need planning permission while others do not. If your plan is to build a veranda which is less than a foot high (300mm), then you do not need planning permission. However, most verandas are higher than that and they require planning permission.

Planning rules state that structures which do not need planning permission must not have verandas, raised platforms, or balconies. The regulations define a veranda as any platform that is raised above 300mm from the ground. It is, therefore, difficult to build a veranda which does not require planning permission.

If your building has a floor area of 30 square meters or less, you do not need the approval of Building Regulations. You do not need the approval if you do not use your building as sleeping accommodation and if it is one meter or more away from any boundary.

Applying for planning permission

The requirements for getting planning permission vary depending on where you live. Use the Planning Portal to find general advice on the subject. You need to provide panning application requirements for your application to be processed. The requirements include some information about your submission along with the application fees. The planning application requirements for your veranda are different from other types of applications. Remember that sending your application without all the relevant information will cause it to be considered invalid. Getting the advice of a professional agent or architect may help make the process easier. For further information on the planning process click here

You can start working on your veranda as soon as you receive an approval notice. The process may be complete in eight weeks or less. If, however, you do not get permission, you cannot do it. The council may give you certain conditions to follow while working on your development. If you feel that the decision is not fair, you can contact them for clarification.

Who Must Have Planning Permission?

  • Flats


If your plan is to build a veranda in the grounds of a flat, you must have planning permission.

  • Listed buildings

Listed buildings

You need planning permission to build a veranda if your home is listed. Before beginning the development, do some research to determine whether your home is statutory or locally listed.

  • New residential or commercial units

New residential or commercial units

If the development of your veranda will lead to the construction of any commercial or residential units, you need planning permission. You must submit your application stating your new address if any and street naming.

If you are still unsure, consult your local councils to find out if you need planning permission. Submit your plans if necessary. It is a simple process and it does not take a long time. If you do not get your approval right after submission, be patient as it could take a few weeks. Ask your architect for their professional help.

You can also contact us and we will be happy to help and provide advice.

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